White Fillings

Almost 50 years ago, all around the world, people used to have one smile the "silver smile", referring to the amalgam filling which was the most used filling material by the dentists to fill decayed tooth, and still used till now, it is a very strong filling material which has proven its durability for so many years, but one of the most problems it had and still have is it is appearance, it is not aesthetic by any mean, a one big smile or laugh is enough to reveal this ugly appearance of the amalgam, from that arises the need for a more aesthetic and color matching material, and here comes composite, composite resin is a tooth colored restorative material with superior aesthetic than any other filling materials, its high aesthetic and its tooth color matching properties made it hard for people to notice it, if it is well made, even some dentist can't recognize it unless they took x- ray for the tooth.
With the new developments in adhesive dentistry and composite materials, the new generations can now exactly mimic the natural teeth and reflect light exactly as the enamel do, yet, it's very strong and last for years if well taken care of.