Best Orthodontic Treatments Offered by Our Dubai Orthodontist

in Dubai has a team of certified orthodontic specialists whose excellence in their field is reflected in the hundreds of successful cases they’ve had and the numerous beautiful smiles they have brought back to patients of all ages.

If you are looking for an orthodontist in Dubai who can bring back the smile you lost, or have always dreamed of, our certified orthodontists can absolutely help you. Our clinic is devoted to providing the best orthodontic options available. Thanks to the huge developments in the field of Orthodontics, we are now offering you treatments for different types of teeth misalignment, including retrusion, protrusion, spacing, or crowding.

Specialisations of our certified orthodontist in Dubai

Orthodontists at Levantine specialise in a wide variety of orthodontic treatments in order to provide the ideal teeth straightening method for each patient. We understand that each person has a unique dental condition, and that is why our orthodontists seek to recommend the treatment that will bring about best results and help our patients achieve their dream smile.
The orthodontic methods we provide include:

Traditional/metal Metal Braces
Includes use of metal brackets and wire to align teeth. These are periodically adjusted to achieve ideal results.

Crystal Braces
Similar to metal braces but are made of a strong composite material that resembles natural teeth. Best for individuals who are conscious about the look of their orthodontic braces.

Lingual Braces
Sometimes called “hidden braces,” these are attached on the back of the teeth so they are hidden from view.

These are removable teeth aligners made of transparent plastic, which gives them an almost invisible look. Invisalign gradually straightens teeth, so patients barely experience any discomfort.

Our orthodontists and clinic are authorized by Invisalign & Incognito

We are certified and authorised to perform treatments that involve Invisalign and Incognito. With these certifications, patients can rest assured that our orthodontic treatments adhere to the highest industry standards. This helps ensure they enjoy the benefits of a quality and effective treatment, and they will have the beautiful smile they have always wanted.

Our doctors and clinic are authorized by:

Invisalign in dubai

Incognito in dubai

Our Orthodontics Specialists:

Dr. Amer Nahas

Specialist Orthodontist
Swedish National Board

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Dr. Saeed Samara

Specialist Orthodontist
Swedish National Board

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