Dental Implants

Same Day Dental Implants in Dubai: Restoring your youthful smile

Despite maintaining good oral hygiene and brushing daily, instances of tooth loss still occur, either from tooth decay, gum diseases, systemic disease, or accidents and blunt trauma.

In the past, the options for replacing the missing tooth or teeth were limited to bridges and dentures, but now, with huge developments in the field of dentistry, the story is different. With dental implants, people can bring back the youthful and confident glow of their smiles by having their missing teeth replaced with high quality artificial replacements.

Same Day Dental Implants: High quality replacements for lost teeth

A dental implant is a replacement for the dental root or roots that have been lost over time. These are placed in your mouth, in the bone, and used to hold the crown or bridge which is the replacement of your lost tooth or teeth.

But how is the implant or the artificial root secured inside the bone? The material which is used in dental implant is titanium which is light, strong and most importantly, bio-compatible. Bio-compatibility means that the body will not reject this material and consider it foreign material. The titanium fuse to the bone by process called Osseointegration where Osseo refers to bone and integration refers to fusing and joining and this is the basis for the success of the procedure.

The advantages of Same Day Implants

This type of cosmetic procedure offers numerous advantages including the following:

Improve your appearance - your teeth will look and feel exactly like normal teeth since it is integrated to the bone.

It will also improve your speech and self-esteem.

It will restore the function as well as the aesthetic significance of the lost tooth or teeth.

Unlike crowns or bridges, it can last for a lifetime if well taken care of.

Unlike removable dentures, they are more convenient for the patient.