Dental Bridges

From the name, dental bridges are used to bridge the gap which is created as a result of missing one or more tooth, on the sides of the gap, these teeth are called the abutments, and the false teeth in between which replace the missing tooth or teeth is called the pontic, they can be made from many materials including ceramics, alloy or combination of both, dental bridge will help to restore the smile, also it will help to restore the ability to speak and chew food, it will maintain the face shape, and redistribute the biting forces properly, also they will prevent the drifting of the remaining teeth out of position, a lot of types of dental bridges are available according to the patient case and requirement, they include traditional bridges, cantilever bridges and Maryland bridges,the cost will vary according to bridge type and materials, and it can last from 5-15 years if well maintained by good oral hygiene and regular dental checkups.