Metal & Crystal Braces

      Proven & Tested Dental Braces in Dubai

      For every person who wants to have perfectly aligned teeth, Levantine Dental Clinic’s certified orthodontists are here to help. We offer a variety of dental braces in Dubai to provide the optimal dental solution for each patient’s unique case. Whether you have a protruding tooth, an overbite, or severely misaligned teeth, we can correct your teeth’s alignment and help you enjoy the aesthetic and functional benefits of properly aligned teeth.

      Our clinic specialises in the following types of dental braces:

      Metal braces, also commonly referred to as “traditional braces,” are still the most common type of braces used since it is hard, reliable, and less expensive. It is composed of metal brackets attached to the tooth surface using a special adhesive and then connected together using a wire. It requires periodic visits for tightening and adjustment. Although they are visible to the eyes, they still have popular acceptance, especially among teenagers who actually see it as somehow attractive.

      A ceramic brace, also called tooth-coloured brace, is made of a strong composite material. It is less durable than metal, but can still do the job efficiently. They come in shades which can mimic the natural colour of the tooth, making it suitable patients who are a little concerned about their looks in meetings or lectures, and cannot show up with metal brackets in their mouth.

      Lingual braces are a type of “invisible” braces that offer the best aesthetic solution for individuals who are especially concerned about their look, and do not want other people to know they are wearing brackets. Lingual braces are similar to their metal counterpart, except they are fixed from the inner, or lingual side, of the tooth surface, which makes them totally invisible to the eyes. People won’t even know that you have an orthodontic brace unless you tell them.

      Benefits of orthodontic braces: straightened teeth and more!

      Straightening the teeth leads to a number of benefits, including enhanced appearance of teeth, higher self-confidence, and better oral health. Aside from looking attractive, straight teeth makes it easier to brush and remove food trapped in between teeth. This helps individuals avoid the build-up of tartar and plaque, which are the primary causes of tooth decay and permanent tooth loss. It can also help prevent jaw pain caused by an improper bite. Whatever your dental condition is, we can provide you with the best treatment for your case. Our orthodontists can help people of all ages – children, teenagers, and adults. No matter the difficulty of your case, whether it is mild, moderate, or severely misaligned, we can help you have a straight set of beautiful teeth.