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White Fillings or Black Fillings…the Dilemma

What is the best type of filling for your cavity and why? The options are numerous, and each one has pros and cons to being considered. You should discuss each option with your dentist in Dubai and deliberate the benefits of each and the cost. The most important point to make is the need to address the decayed tooth with more than an extraction. That may be necessary, but the space has to be filled, or you can lose more teeth and even bone. Consult with you Dentist in Levantine dental clinic for further details.

The Differences in Fillings
Direct restoration of a decayed tooth is done inside the mouth by removing the debris and replacing the open space with the filling of your choice once healthy tooth material is discovered. A filling usually lasts for years, but on occasion the decaying process can reappear, and it will need replacement.
No filling lasts for a lifetime and, in fact, regular checkups are imperative to prevent complications from corrosive fillings. Gold fillings have been known to last up to fifty years and remain intact. Silver fillings have an average lifetime of twelve to thirteen years, but when they begin to corrode the mercury is vigorously exposed.

Composite a Better Cosmetic Solution used in Dubai
Gold fillings remain available, and they last for a very long time. However, the cost is nearly five times higher than the amalgam/silver combination, and they are not aesthetically appealing. Composite is a resin that can be matched to the color of your teeth; it lasts about eight years, and it doesn’t corrode or cause toxic syndromes. They are also more resistant to chipping and expansion and contraction, additionally they completely seal the area.
The process is rather interesting. The process is unchanged from the above description until it comes to the filling part. This composite filling is inserted and shaped to the desired appearance. Next a special light is used to harden the material, and when finished it looks just like a normal tooth.

How Long Before Amalgam is Banned Everywhere
Many countries have already banned the amalgam/silver fillings due to the toxic effects on the body and the environment. There are some dentists recommending the removal of amalgam, but state it should be done cautiously. Only one or two should be accessed at one time within a six week period.
Studies have shown the mercury can be released by simply chewing or with exposure to moderate amounts of heat. In fact these teeth, while deemed safe by some dentist, have to dispose of them in a distinct hazardous waste container when they remove them. That should say it all.

Mimicking the Natural Tooth Shade
Another great advantage of using composite material for fillings is the ability to match your natural shade of white. This is especially important if the decayed tooth is visible when you smile or laugh. Nothing could be more damaging to your self-image than to see a shiny gold tooth sticking out every time you part your lips to speak. In Levantine dental clinic we specializes in this artistry

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