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What are the ‘Root’ Causes Behind Dental Phobia?

Although oral hygiene is one crucial component of staying healthy yet many people, both adults and children, suffer from dental phobia. A survey has shown that some 8% of Americans actually avoid their visits to the dental research center. One other research has proven that many other individuals, almost 20% of them, are so scared of visiting their dentists that they will keep on avoiding it until it becomes absolutely necessary.

What is Dental Phobia?
Dental phobia is any condition in which the patient suffers from a fear related to the visit to the doctor’s office. Phobia can be of different kinds and each has its own reason for emergence. The dental phobia is related to the difficult procedures that the patient has to undergo and the sharp tools that are involved in the procedures. Also many patients, both young and old, are sometimes fearful of the pain that is involved in it; both during and afterwards.

What Causes Dental Phobia?
There can be a number of reasons leading to dental phobia, for example:
• A past bad experience of a dental procedure
• Pain that had been associated during and post procedure
• A narration of someone else’s bad experience
• Humiliation and embarrassment

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