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Do You Like Watching Dentists in Movies?

There are some things that have become quite cliché in the world of cinema and one of them is dentists in movies. In the quest of giving some fake profession to the protagonist of the film, the writers of the story inadvertently choose dentistry. It allows the character to have some class by being associated with one of the highly paid professions but with the advantage of still having time to one’s self.

In What Kind of a Movie Are You Likely to See a Dentist?
Dentists can be in any sort of a movie, although generally, romantic comedies are the most common choices when it is time to instill dentists in movies. This is because it offers the ‘patient’ and the ‘dentist’, which can be the two leading roles of the movie, to come in close proximity to each other to create a romantic scene. Animated and children’s cartoon movies are also common genres in which you will be able to locate dentists.

Which Famous Movies Have Dentists in Them
• Horrible Bosses
• The In-Laws
• Wild Hogs
• A Christmas Story 2
• Finding Nemo
These are only a few of the movies in which you can find a person playing the character of a dentist.

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