Dental Crowns

Dental crown is an artificial restoration or a cap which look like the tooth and the fit over the prepared tooth to cover it and restoring its size, strength, function and appearance.
In dentistry there are several indications and needs to fabricate a crown for the patient, it help in protecting an already weakened tooth (by decays,, etc) from breaking or fracture and holding the part of cracked teeth together, it helps in the coverage and support for teeth with big and large filling when lots of the tooth structure is lost, it can be used also to cover severely discolored teeth which the normal whitening procedure failed to restore the natural color ,it also help to cover dental implant and teeth that is misshaped ex. peg shaped laterals.


Ceramic with metal
The porcelain fused to metal crowns or full-cast crowns consist of a metal alloy covered by a layer or ceramic which should mimic the natural enamel color, the metal alloy substructure give the crown great strength if you compared it with the all ceramic crown, it provide you a service which is durable and long lasting, it also have a more precise fit over the tooth than the all ceramic.never the less, there is some problems with this type of crowns where it can cause wear in the opposing teeth because of the porcelain and that is of limited concern if the porcelain kept the glaze and polish it received when it is made in the lab.

All Ceramic Crown
With the new developments in adhesive dentistry and the stronger porcelain materials now in the market, it is possible now to construct crowns which is made completely from ceramics, and bonded directly to the tooth, and with the absence of the metal substructure it is now possible to place the finish line above the gingival line without the fear of ugly metal edge to appear, one of the biggest advantages of all porcelain crown is their superior aesthetic, as the name implies, it is made totally from ceramic which can mimic the light characteristic of tooth enamel,and give you a very natural appearance.


The zirconium became one of the most dental material chosen for dental crowns or bridges, it has so many advantages, most important one is it is very strong and tough, they can withstand the tear and wear, but in the same time posses enough translucency to look like natural teeth, they require less removal of tooth tissue thus considered a good conservative option, and it is also bio-compatible material.